Land Development


Hillsdale is an established village with a strong civic presence, nestled in a beautiful, natural setting. Residents enjoy numerous recreational amenities available in the area, as well as the appeal of involvement in community life.

Geranium's Heritage Village Subdivision in hillsdale is to be a vibrant addition to the community with the integrated development concept drawing on the character of the village and its surroundings.

Adjacent to its eastern border are designated Natural Heritage features in the Township of Springwater Official Plan-namely portions of the Sturgean River Valley and the provicially significant Copeland-Guthrie Wetland Complex beyond. To the south are existing homes and a scholl with 5-acre playground which, with enhanced landscaping and facilities, will eventually from the "centre" of the Village. Penatanguishine Road runs along its western edge.

Located 2 munites from the junction of Hwy 400 and Highway 93, Hillsdale is approximately 15 minutes north of Barrie.